Grass Fed Beef

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Grass Fed Beef

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We like to raise all our own meat on the farm and occasionally we have a small surplus.

This year we have some grass fed, milk fed beef - they stay with their mothers on pasture for approx 12 month. They are not quite beef and not quite veal. They are delicious, tasty tender and lean. If you are looking for some steaks and burgers for the summer and a few roasts to start off winter this is a perfect choice.

Reserve your grass fed beef

We sell by the side or quarter.

Approx weight 190lb/side.

Prices are based on hanging weight and require a non refundable deposit to reserve.

$3.75/lb for a full side

$4.25/lb for a quarter of a side

You can get your beef cut and wrapped to your specs to suit your family requirements. All processing fees are payable direct to the butcher upon pick up.