How much food waste is there in Canada every year?

Did you know that it was World food Day on October 16th? I didn’t until it was posted on Facebook.

  • Canada alone wastes over $30 billion of food every year?! I don’t even know what to say to that! It didn’t hit home until I broke it down.

  • Its about $82 million daily!!!

  • In 2016 the population of Canada was just over 36 million people.

  • That means every day over 2 million dollars worth of food is wasted for every person!

We are in a program called  Loop, Rescue Food - Rescue the Planet. When food has reached its best before date the big grocery stores send it to the landfill. Yes I said “best before”  not “eat before” ! In Saskatchewan Save on Foods is the only grocery store that participates, with locations in Yorkton, Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert.

Every store has a different farmer pick up on a different day and we usually get a half ton truck load every time.

  • The total diverted this year so far by the loop organization is over 1,000 tons.

The pigs and chickens share the bread, veg and dairy- lots of which is organic!!! The dogs get the meat, you would not believe the amount of meat is thrown out every day!  

While we are really grateful for the opportunity to be part of the program I am appalled at the huge amount of food that gets tossed. I will never understand why a bag of pre-packaged apples has to be thrown because one has a bruise. Why cant someone open the bag and discard the bad apple and sell the others loose?

France has a law against supermarkets throwing away edible food. This would be a great example to follow. Would it not be better to get this food re-directed into

  • The homeless shelters

  • Food banks

  • Schools

Our schools are full of underfed kids who would learn a lot better when fed properly, for some of them school may be the only opportunity to eat a nutritious meal.

Another issue I have with the waste is that as a livestock farmer, I really struggle with the amount of meat that is thrown out. There has to be something wrong when you feed the dog a AAA prime rib steak that was destined for the landfill. An animal died to be thrown in the landfill. If we are taking an animals life then we better be sure to eat it in my opinion! It was most likely raised in a C.A.F.O (Concentrated Animal Feed Organizations). No running around on pasture for most of those animals. Pigs usually being raised in massive pig barns and cattle in feedlots. Raised to be thrown away! What is wrong with the world?

When you buy pork directly from your farmer you are helping reduce food waste because you aren’t going to put any of that valuable pork in the landfill. After a recent conversation with a valued customer I have been prompted to do a small guide - An introduction to buying pork in bulk. Buying in bulk can seem intimidating at first but its really the same as shopping in the store - but without the waste!!! Most pork lovers are already eating a whole side of pork, they just don’t realize it because it sounds like so much meat.

If you are eating sausage, bacon, ham and chops you are already nose to tail eating and didn’t know it!! If you are a leftover lover you are already reducing food waste in your own home. How else can we reduce waste at home?

  • Meal planning and shopping lists are also a great way to reduce waste.

  • Making soups and stocks with left over veg.

  • Preserving or freezing before food gets too old.

  • Do some batch cooking

I am sure there are a ton of other great ideas. I would love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below!

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