Pedigree Berkshire Pigs For Sale


Unregistered weanlings $130 each at 8 weeks old

If you have dreamed of raising your own food and want your kids to know where their food comes from then Berkshire pigs are perfect to start out. Be warned you might get addicted! They are a joy to be around, they will even help you clear your patch of garden for next year.

You don't need fancy or elaborate housing, you can even start them off in a simple pen made of pallets!

We do not clip teeth or cut tails nor do we feed unnecessary growth hormones or antibiotics. 

Breeding stock for sale

You can spend hours traveling around looking for good breeding stock. Most people have a notion to raise their own pigs because it seems a cheaper option than buying weanlings every year.

The first thing they do is go out and buy the closet and cheapest pigs they can find - within a year they will be selling them again. They have either got bad mothers or poor production pigs and no history on them.

Carl and I have been raising pigs for over 10 years in which time we chose to specialize in Pedigree Berkshire Registered pigs.

Our Berkshires are :-

  • hardy and can handle the extremes of the Canadian climate

  • quiet - some breeds are very vocal, not good if you aren't a morning person!

  • have a great temperament, both boars and sows

  • has superb meat quality

  • good milk production

  • discease resistant

  • excellent mothers

  • longevity - our oldest sow is 10 years old and still producing good litters.

  • well socialized.

We raise our pigs naturally. This means they run around our pasture,  have access to shelter, wallow holes, clean drinking water and locally grown grain plus surplus vegetables and milk. 

$20 deposit required per weanling

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We have Uk bloodlines available starting at $400

We require a 50% deposit on registered livestock.

$3/day will be charged for  feeding if not collected on the agreed date.


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BRED GILTS start at $700