Pastured Berkshire Pork & Eggs

Specializing in British favourites we are happy to help you find a taste of home.

Yes we can get rind on pork if you miss crackling!

You can buy our pork

  • by the piece

  • in bulk packs

  • by the side

  • whole bbq pigs

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Side of Pastured Pork - $50 Deposit
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BERKSHIRE Pork sides

Skip the multiple trips to the grocery store when you buy pork in bulk and have all your families favourites right at your fingertips.

Call/text me 306 715 2042. I am here to help.

or email me with any questions you have

Here is a list of your available options

  • Roasts

  • Hams

  • Gammon

  • Bacon - Side bacon/Back bacon or English bacon

  • Side Pork/Pork belly

  • Chops

  • Ground Pork

  • Ribs

  • Stew

  • Steaks

All you have to do is decide how to cook it

  • Slow cooker

  • Bbq

  • Oven

  • Broil

  • Pan fry

Favourful, juicy, tender and easy to cook our Pastured Berkshire Pork is perfect for any level of cook.

Bring your own egg cartons $6/doz    We supply cartons $6.50/doz

Bring your own egg cartons $6/doz

We supply cartons $6.50/doz




Pork Chops $7.00/lb

Boneless loin chops $10.75/lb 

Tenderloin  $11.75/lb

Tomahawks $17/lb

“Porkerhouse” steaks $17/lb

T bone steaks $11/lb

Shoulder Steaks $6.50/lb

Leg Steaks $7.00/lb


Bone in Loin Roast $6.50/lb

Boneless Leg Roast $9.00/lb

Bone-in Shoulder Roast $6.50/lb

Bone-in Leg Roast $6.50lb

Porchetta $12.50/lb


Side Bacon  $15.00/lb

Country style bacon $15.00/lb

Peppered bacon $15.00/lb

Cottage bacon $15.00/lb

Bacon ends $6.00/lb

British unsmoked back bacon $13.50/lb

Smoked Back bacon $13.50/lb

Candied Bacon $20/lb

Gammon Steaks $8.00/lb

Gammon Roast $8.00/lb

Smoked Ham steaks or roasts $8.00/lb

Smoked pork chops $15.00/lb.

Smoked pork hocks  $7.50/lb


(our Cumberland & Breakfast are gluten free & sugar free)

Cumberland Sausage $12.00/lb

Breakfast Sausage $12.00/lb

Black Puddings $15/lb

Jalapeno cheddar smokies $12.50/lb

Hot Italian Gluten free $12.00/lb

Pure pork sausages (no fillers) $12.00/lb

Honey black pepper Jerky $35.00/lb


Back ribs $8.00/lb

Side ribs $5.00/lb

Candied side ribs (fully cooked) $12/lb

Side pork $8.50/lb


Ground Pork $6.00/lb 

Pork liver $4.00/lb

Pork Fat ground $3.50/lb

Pork fat unground $2.00/lb

Pastured pork lard $10.00

Pork Heads $10 each

Pork feet $4/lb

Caul Fat available on request $5/pack

Pork blood (750ml) $7.50

Pork hearts & kidneys on request

Pork skin on request

Eggs from free range chickens $6.50/doz

Duck eggs $6/6

Got a question?

I am always happy to help you just email me


You can buy directly from us just email me or if you prefer you can call/text 306 715 2042


Starting Saturday Oct 19th 2019 We will be at

Regina Farmers Market 9am - 1pm (Core RitchieNeighbourhood - 445-14th Avenue Regina)


The Wandering Market in Moosejaw sometimes carries our Berkshire pork - 461 Athabasca St East.

Delivery drop offs

If we haven’t got your area listed just ask we may still be able to help.

  • Saskatoon by Arrangement

  • Imperial Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

  • Davidson weekly by arrangement

  • Moosejaw by arrangement

  • Watrous by arrangement